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06 June 2016

The First Weekend of June - SO MUCH FUN!!!

Racing For A Cure - Our Driver - Sean55 Richards 

The is your silly captain speaking and words cannot express how much fun we all had at the Buddy Forsythe 100 Race this weekend!!!   Thank you to everyone who was able to come and see our car and donate for the WINNING PAINT JOB !!!   For those of you who were not there, it was for a new team, Team Buddy.  Buddy was THERE!!   He has cancer and is undergoing treatments but sounded great and everything was very upbeat and positive.   You can hear Buddy and his story in the following short video.

Suzie Anderton did a great job of filming for those of you unable to attend.   We packed the sim and the drivers were just awesome. BEST DRIVER:  well ours of course, Sean55 Richards.   His wife Amber was with us.   In Heat 1, he did have the fastest lap and he also had the fastest lap in the race.   You can see Sean with the other drivers dancing  - he is on the very far left.   Our car is number 53 - our team number.  The car, the race uniforms designed by Amber, Sean's wife were all done in memory of our dear friend Shady Fox. A proper riverdance was held after the race and we were even on the live footage of the race !!!

We are still doing some work to wrap up the race and get the google docs going for next year.   We did win a trophy and will get that soon for the paint job.   Sean and Amber have both agreed to race for us next year  - and we were all excited to hear this !   The entire race, and interviews  - can be seen on this longer video - with pictures at the end !  The entire event on video, complete with radio and commentary 3 hours long -

It was a definite win win for everyone and especially for Relay For Life!   Just awesome !

After a short break, we went home, showered, and got ready to go celebrate the Annual Fuzzday Celebration - our friend, Marshall Ortega, turned 50 on June 5th.   He decided to donate his tips to Team ACTS in the spirit of Steelhead Salmons and their team.   Not only did he play his regular set for Krypton Radio - he then played the last hour also!!   A good time was had by all.  It is always good to hear our Team Song - Airship Pirates by Abney Park, along with the Team Song from Steelhead.  

Many of our friends from the Steamlands joined us along with many relayers.  Everyone had a great time at Club Gearz.   Remember, at all times, everyone is welcome and there is always room !!

On Sunday our own Sweet Valentine was on Relay Rap as a survivor, June 5th is Survivor day - and she did such a great job !! The transcript is in notices in group and in Relay Volunteers. It was a great show and Sweet did a fantastic job !!!   So proud of her - we stayed and partied for a while.

Have fun this week and remember to take care of one another.  Our Jam Tart Ball has been moved to July 9th. We do have a surprise coming up this weekend - stay tuned !!!!   We are still in planning stages and getting ready for the Royal Ascot Race.

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