Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

23 June 2017


Swashbuckler's For Life - Tall Ship Race in Rosehaven - Free to enter!!!

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, please join Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps for The Tall Ship Race, part of this weekend's festivities for Swashbucklers for Life 2017, part of Relay for Life in Second Life. The race will take place from 1200 Noon to 1:30 pm SLT.…/Rosehaven%20Absinthe/…/30

22 June 2017

We made the SLNewser !! The Royal Ascot Races Saturday at 1pm SLT - thanks Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Duchess Liz Wilner Speaks on the Fourth Annual Royal Ascot and Races

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday June 24, the fourth annual Royal Ascot Races will be taking place at Blackhawk Downs from 1 to 3PM SL time. The event will raise funds for the Relay for Life Team ACTS. Liz Wilner, known as the Duchess of Trikassi, talked about the event with the Newser. Of how it got started, "Lady Charik and I were thinkiing of a fine event to do for the RFL cause...we both are great fans of all that is Ascot. So four years ago, we decided to host a Second Life Royal Ascot, recreating the big Royal day at Ascot week. We enlisted the help of the extraordinary Countess Cassie Eldemar to recreate the proper enclosures, which she has done to perfection. Her husband, Lord Oldesoul Eldemar, has been of great assistance in handling all of the kiosks, advertising, and more.

"And in year three, I had the great pleasure of meeting Lady Zinda Blake, owner of Blackhawk Downs. She was very enthusiastic about allowing Ascot to be at her wonderful horse racing sim, and it has been such a joy to have Royal Ascot there. Each year, more and more attend, sponsor, race, and enjoy. Sir Gerrard Winstanley, G., has been our live MC and music director. And each year Royal Ascot is filmed and made to video for enjoyment. G calls all the races, makes commentary throughout, hosts the fabulous after party as well. It's a truly wonderful day of ladies in hats and in their best top hats and morning suits, races, surprises, great fun.

"And all starts with the Royal procession, then, 'Let the races begin!' Anyone can sign up to race their horse (nc to me or Olde by June 20th this year, more on that). Last year we had three main races, and then a bonus steeplechase race, followed by a tinies race, which, by the way, went over several laps because the tinies didn't want to stop going around the track (giggle).

"Each race has a kiosk, filled with prizes from sponsors, so people can see the race cards, and select 1st 2nd 3rd places...everyone wins something, the riders and horses are presented with trophies and ribbons in special ceremonies after each race completes. We love our sponsors, as well. They know each prize is a win for RFL, It is free to be a sponsor, should one wish to offer something for the races, a gift certificate, item, or service. Notecard either me or Olde. We have a special sponsor area. And all sponsors are announced live as well, where logos and LMs are displayed, We have a special sponsor area, and all sponsors are announced live as well...where logos and LMs are displayed. It is a signature event for Team ACTS RFL...and people from all over truly enjoy the dressing up, the racing, the great fun of the event. Each year we have more and more people. This year we have more new sponsors as well, in addition to previous sponsors, which is very exciting.

"This is a huge event, and we all work very hard to make it a special fun day,and different from the usual events."

* * * * *

The Royal Ascot does have a dress code, of which different places have different codes. Although types of avatars don't count as clothing, some nonhuman appearances are going to have difficulty finding items for the Royal Enclosure.

Royal Enclosure:

Ladies are required to wear formal day clothing whilst within the Royal Enclosure as described:
• Dresses and skirts of a length just below the knee or longer
• Dresses and tops with straps of one inch or more
• If a jacket is worn, the dress or top must still comply with the above standard
• Trouser suits of full length and same colour are welcome
• Hats should be worn; alternatively a head piece with a 4 inch base or more is acceptable
Please note the following:
• Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck, spaghetti straps are not permitted in the Enclosure
• Midriffs must be covered

Gentlemen are required to wear either a black or grey morning suit which must include:
• A waistcoat
• A tie or cravat
• A black or grey top hat
• Black shoes
A gentlemen’s top hat may be removed within the refreshment tent, private box or private club.


Ladies with admission to the grandstand are encouraged to dress as if attending a formal occasion. Please take note of the following:
• A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times
• Strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted
• Trousers must be full length and worn with a top that follows the above guideline.
• Jackets maybe worn, however the dress or top it covers should adhere to the above guideline.
• Midriffs must be covered
• Shorts are not permitted

Gentlemen are required to wear a suit with a shirt and tie.

Silver Ring and Heath Enclosure:

Although no formal dress code applies in the Silver Ring Enclosure and Heath Enclosure, race goers are encouraged to wear smart clothes.

Please note that bare chests are not permitted at any time.

Blackhawk Heights, Katoteros (77, 180, 1098)

Bixyl Shuftan

14 June 2017

We are JADE !!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has worked soo hard.  As you can see below on this blog, we have some exciting times coming up !!  Remember, Smile, Be Happy, and do pawsum things.  Thanks to all who have contributed - no matter how small or large, each and everyone of you are so important.  Campsite time is coming up soon !!! BUT first we have some beeeeg events planned !! 
SEE YOU THERE!! Your ATTENDANCE is invaluable. 

DJ Bard Wasp with Mellow Moody Blues on Sunday from 9-11pm SLT

Night falls across the bayou. The moon rises above a thin layer of clouds, illuminating the stage at the old blues joint. The Junkyard is ready, for 2 hours of amazing slow blues, presented by DJ Bard Wasp. Come hear him as he pours his heart and soul into the stream, presenting some of the best blues you've ever heard, live or recorded, Second Life or first. Be prepared to be blown away. But don't take our word for it. You NEED to hear this for yourself ...   Dress Code: Dress for Moody, Sensual, Slow Blues 

13 June 2017

7th Annual Jam Tart Ball - DJ Poppy

June 17th from 1-3 and from 7-9

 A Masquerade reminiscent of the Alice in Wonderland stories.

You'll find a scene reminiscent of the Alice stories in Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass and Down The Rabbit Hole... you know the stories!  Find your best costume for this always fun and exciting masquerade event.  A feast for your eyes and ears as always!

DJ Poppy will be your musical host once again.
This is a Relay for Life "Funraiser" with all proceeds & tips going to RFL team ACTS

Bring the cat and the rabbit, your catepillars and mad hatters.  Heck bring your weird cousin, too!

This year we will be atop the Carpe Librum Maze in Caledon II.

25 May 2017

The Fourth Annual Royal Ascot Races for RFL of SL

TEAM ACTS invites all Ladies and Gentlemen to The Royal Ascot Race Day on June 24th. We will be beginning our races at 1pm SLT. Three races will be run with the call of Sir Gerrard Winstanley with music afterwards by the same fine gentleman. Everyone is welcome, if you do not wish to dress up, you may be in the heath in the middle of all the excitement. Hope to see you there!!
Sat Jun 24, 2017  1:00 PM SLT
Sat Jun 24, 2017  3:00 PM SLT

Passport to Hope and Love and Many More

 Team ACTS  cordially invites you to our  Rezz Day Party on May 27th from 1-3pm SLT in a celebration of Love and Hope.   Cassie has been in SL for 10 years and  Olde has now been here for 5 years.   We wish to celebrate this momentous occasion with our dear friends and relayers, led by DJ Magda Kamenev who also shares her rezz day with us.
All donations to RFL of SL.  :

17 May 2017


We accomplished this goal a while back and working hard to move on up to the next level!!! Many events coming up for us!!!   Watch FB, G+, ACRFL, Plurk, Twitter and this blog to see what is coming up!!  The last column is how far to the next level.   If you are interested in donating to Relay - tax deductible and VAT tax free - go to  

Team ACTS  thanks you so much for your generous donation to Relay For Life. The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Smile, have fun, and do awesome things.

08 May 2017

Team ACTS Carpe Librium Library Maze & Dance at 1pm SLT and 7pm SLT

May 2017 Update - Such Busy Relayers !!!

We have stayed quite busy for Relay however not within the community. As we do every year, we participated in Fantasy Faire.  I will quote myself in one of the blogs for Fantasy Faire because I do believe it explains what the participation of ACTS best.  Our team is very special and a very global team in relay. We are all very close. One event that draws all of us together is Fantasy Faire. The magic of the Fairelands affects each and every one of us. Some come as DJs, performers, others as merchants, sponsors, builders, sheriffs, Jailbirds, bloggers, shoppers and photographers. Speaking for all of us, Fantasy Faire brings together our rules: smile, have fun and do pawsum things. Our motto is “Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.” The Magic of the Fairelands brings that together for all of us, no matter how we present ourselves in this wonderful world of Second Life.

This is hot off the presses!!!! Hey Nonny Nonny is now on YouTube!
Sun, May 07 2017 10:42:32 AM PDT

You can see the awesomeness here:

And there's a story about the background to the making of the song here:

We have had some events - one great  dual event with Team Go The Distance  at Cay's Woodland Lake and Holocluck  Henly held a delightful party one day. Temptation Falls had an event for our team of live musicians for a wonderful three day weekend. . All were very successul .  If I have been remiss in mentioning someone, I do hereby bow and extend my gratitude.  We are team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps - 47 Tax free donations may be made here -

We are preparing to truly kick off our relay season with a multi team event for Relay Stock and Holocluck Henly will be our dj.  We are also have two dances for the Caledon Maze next weekend and Relay Stock.   Preparations for the Royal Ascot are being made for June 24th.   Please let me know details about any event you may have planned.

12 April 2017

Caring For Caregivers Ball

Caring for Caregiver's Stone Circle Dance.  Team ACTS, along with our DJ Bain Finch, will be hosting a special events about caring for our dear Caregivers.   Most of us have been a caregiver, are caregiving, or in need of a caregiver.  We know our survivors greatly appreciate those efforts.   Everyone is welcome.  Any era of dress is appropriate.  Let's celebrate the hard work and efforts of our caregivers.

Caledon Mayapuri Dance

On behalf of Team ACTS, Magdalena Kamenev is  happy to present a dance for RFLin SL at Caledon Mayapuri, featuring two hours of Indian pop, dance music and Bollywood tracks. All proceeds go to Relay. Saturday, the 15th, from 11 am to 1 pm. Please join us!

29 March 2017

Team ACTS - March 29th, 2017

Time Travellers Ball - A Grand Success

The Time Travellers Ball was a grand success, thanks to the many Steamlanders and numerous Relayers who attended. Thank you sooooo very much!!! It was exquisite in every way. DJ Otenth Paderborn provided us with a delightful and varied musical journey through time and space. The attendees handled the Time Ship travel in true ACTS form: they had fun, smiled and did awesome things. Thank you to Cassie Eldemar for the build and decor, to which Admiral Beaumont added some of his classic vehicles of time travel. Too much fun!!! Everyone had a most delightful time and were very generous.

Team ACTS Reaches Gold Level

As far as generosity goes - WE ARE NOW GOLD!!! Amazing!!! This was due to our kiosk amounts and donations to Dashboard. If you are interested in donating this way, you may join with your SL name.  The Virtual Address is 123 Virtual Ave, New, York, New York, 12345. It is very easy to use. If you have any problems, let me (Oldesoul Elder) know and they will be reported. A big thank you to those who have contributed anywhere and everywhere.

Other Past Events

We have been attending a multi-team event with Team Shadow on Tuesday nights, holding Sunday Morning Pub Parties with DJ Bain Finch and doing a dual team event with Team OD, with our dear particle queen Jennylynn Capalini collecting at our fine venues. Get your materials from me or from one of our Co-Captains; also check past notices most are in the group notices for Aether Chrononauts RFL. If you are interested in joining our RFL team group in-world, all notices that pertain to us are located there, including opportunities to help with other teams. We are doing what we love and what we feel is the right thing to do, and we do it with honor and respect.

Several of members of the team attended the Survivors Caregivers Ball. It was beautiful. Live musicians Russell Eponym and Lisa Brune gave outstanding performances.  The annual Sci-Fi Con is now going on if anyone is interested in attending. From March 24th to April 2nd, with many activities, events, & even notable guest speakers from the REAL world! Past guest speakers have included Garret Wang (Ensign Harry Kim, Star Trek: Voyager), Richard Hatch (Apollo, Battlestar Galactica TOS), Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari, Babylon 5), and Rod Roddenberry (Son of Gene).
Check out the website at

Coming up in April: Fantasy Faire

Currently, we are firing up for Fantasy Faire. The Sheriffs are having their suits cleaned, Segways tuned up and warrant books close at hand. The Sheriffs have been transformed into The Fairelands Watch, to better match the Shakespearean plays being done this year. ACTS will have a creator store that is open to the entire team but the focus will be on items for Tinies. Each creator is asked to do 2 RFL vendors. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing to our store. Cassie will have a baby sim called a cradle sim - and be a worldling . We are very excited about that. This letter was sent to Cassie from Her High Faireness, I am very excited to have dedicated Faire people come in and have a chance to show us on a smaller scale some of their own visions of what the Fairelands could be. That is how I envision the Worldlings, as glimpses into worlds that may have been or may still be. They are Junction's dreams. They are our dreams. They are the future past, living outside time.The Worldlings show the connections between us all and how we can shape the worlds we live in, hopefully for the better.

We will also be event sponsors at FF: watch for Little Big.

With all that we do with Fantasy Faire, please be careful in our planning. Remember, no stress. That’s my job and the Admiral will control that. :) Thanks to my editors this year Ms. Magdalena Kameneve and Duchess Liz Wilner.

15 March 2017

2017!!! WOW!!! We are off to a great start this year!!!

WOW!!! We are off to a great start this year!!! WE are already SILVER in Fundraising!! Thanks to all who have done vendors, donated to kiosks, attended BYOKs - and held various events. Thanks also to our venues who are working hard to raise money for us with BIG events in the planning stage.  Each and every one of you are appreciated.

Many thanks to all who have donated on our fundraising dashboard -
Remember to sign in with your SL name- virtual address to use is 123 Virtual Ave, New York , New York, 12345.  

If you wish to be on the roster and get your own personal tools, please let me know.  I will help you as it is just a little different this year.  The main difference is the Passport Hud which has everything you need and where all the updates will come through.  Kiosk and vendor set up are basically the same. We do have an inworld group, AetherChrononauts RFL , to which all announcements go - if you are interested.  The google calendar is located on the ACTS Blog   The Event Board page is now on the web

As Team ACTS - we do respect everyone's feelings and there will not be a lot of spam on various groups.  We participate in Fantasy Faire and I will be doing several announcements for that - per requests by many.  It is from April 20 - 30th and the Tiny Pawlice are getting their warrants books, Segways, and uniforms all cleaned up and ready to go go go!   We have several folks performing, RPing, and wonderful merchants with all kinds of great items for sale.

After that, we will have the Home and Garden Mega event - from May 19th - June 4th.  Several of our builders are participating.  There will also be smaller events going on all around, so something for everyone!

THEN!!!!!!  AWESOME things happen!!!   Prepare for venue events.  Prepare for one of our premiere events - The Royal Ascot Races hosted by Her Grace, Duchess Liz Wilner, Lady Oriella Charik, Admiral Beaumont, Countess and Lord Eldemar.  You can see the video from last year’s Ascot filmed by Elrik Merlin and edited by Petlove:  If you are interested in being a sponsor, want to provide prizes or vendors, or would like to ride in the races, please let one of us know.  But be sure to book Saturday, June 24th, 2017 and wear your best finery!  

Our motto is:
Our Team believes this and I will do my best to uphold our events by our ACTS of Relay!  And above all, we are still abiding by our rules of Smile, have fun, and do awesome things.

28 February 2017

Thank you Team ACTS for all you DO!! The GREATEST !!

Fellow Steamlanders and our tiny community,

Please forgive my tardiness in the final reporting of last year.   Several big events in our lives took precedence and I know you all agree that RL comes first and it did.  But, thankfully you now have my full attention again.  Team ACTS is all that - ACTS of kindness and togetherness,  We are ONE TEAM, and dear friends.

One major thing that did happen in regards to relay is that Team ACTS won a coveted award.  Our team and I mean TEAM - won the BEACON award.   The Beacon Award Celebrates one team who have made exceptional contributions to RFL of SL through acts of generosity or by providing leadership, creative ideas, skills or time without personal reward. The team who utilizes events and Relay opportunities to bring new awareness to our group
 This team's willingness to partner with Relayers from all walks of SL life exemplifies what it means to be a "beacon" in our fight against cancer.  Fantasy Faire 2016 would not have been possible without the support of this Team. They came as merchants, as performers, producers and players, photographers, writers, and spinners of songs.
 They also reached out with some creative events to RP sims.  For this and other reasons, our 2016 Team Beacon Award winner is Team ACTS.

All of the venues that helped our team and were very dedicated to the cause of eradicating cancer, along with each and every one of you are greatly appreciated.  I know the upcoming year will be a great year and I suspect that that olde tardy captain may just get that first report in faster than an act of ACTS!    Thank you all so much for all you have done in the past, this year, for stepping up when necessary, and helping out wherever we are needed.   You are all loved!  

OldeSoul Eldemar
Captain of Team ACTS