Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

12 June 2014

New Toulouse Tiny Dance Event's Pictures

Another Tiny Invasion!  Francesca Alva, the owner of the Green Eyed Fairy was our host, while Manfred "Owlbear" Hancroft spun the tunes on the Victrola with his fun Totally Legit Old Songs (Modern songs with an old timey sound).  Here are all the pics I took at the event. It was a lot of fun!

08 June 2014

Pictures from the Belly Dance Event

Okie I'm a bit behind as I was trying to figure out the best way to post 41 pictures from the belly dance event where it wouldn't take up a huge amount of space. Well, I ran out of ideas so i'm just gonna post all the pics one after the other and make them small. haha Oh and sorry if it takes a while to download they pretty high res and I didn't take them into photoshop to shrink. Lazy bunny today. haha