Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

01 August 2015

Captain's Final Report

Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps (Team ACTS)  had a very successful relay season.  We are a very tight-knit team, we care about each other and work well with other teams.  We care about our communities and do our best to represent them well.

This year, we had an award-winning campsite - we won third place for the Cancer Awareness Education Award.  We also won third place in Best Themed Decorated Campsite Award and First Place for Best Returning Team Participation.  

Our Campsite builders this year were Manfred Hancroft, Jennylynn Capalini and a new member (but an old friend) Kage Stratten.  Our campsite was 1950s Googie style - and was loved by many -  Cassie Eldemar, our other builder was busy helping other teams  set up their campsites.

Additional pictures can be seen in the on track interview by Saffia Widdershins at  with our builders and at with the lead photographer for Relay, Admiral Beaumont. Coming up soon:  our builders will be appearing on Designing Worlds.  

Our team raised $1000 USD through Convio online.  We raised $3,326 USD with our events and our kiosks.  We reached Sapphire level in terms of overall team fundraising.  As far as we are concerned, we reached all of our goals - and accomplished much.  We especially enjoyed  the two weeks we took off and spent with Fantasy Faire.  Most of the team is somehow involved and we all have such a great time.

Our djs, Magdalena Kamanev, Manfred Hancroft, Bard Wasp, and Gerrard Winstanley provided us with fantastic music for our events and at special times such as Fantasy Faire and Relay.   They were always willing to help and enjoyed by all.

We had several folks help with vendors and events throughout Relay season, including: Paint SL Purple, Kick-Off Ceremony, the Halfway There Faire and Relay Weekend.

For those of us, who are survivors and caregivers, we know that cancer research is making great strides and we are very happy to take part.  We thank all of you who contributed so generously in so many ways.  Your attendance at an event is just as special to all of us as anything. All of us working together makes our team special. . Our team is tiny yet mighty, small yet forceful, diverse yet united, frolicking yet determined! We are ACTS! We are Relay!

31 July 2015

Pictures from ACTS The Future is Now Googie Campsite!

Here are some pictures of the ACTS The Future is Now Googie Campsite that we built (Jennylynn Capalini, Manfred Hancroft, and Kage Stratten) We had a great time building the campsite and a great time posing and taking pictures. (Pictures taken by Manfred) Enjoy! Click on each pic to view them at original size :)

24 June 2015

Tall Ship Race at Swashbucklers For Life 2015

On Saturday, June 27, 2015, please join Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps for The Tall Ship Race, part of this weekend's festivities for Swashbucklers for Life 2015, part of Relay for Life in Second Life. The race will take place from 11:30 am to 1 pm SLT.

The Tall Ship Race, organized by the Winterfell Privateers, is part of the Swashbuckler for Life multi-team RFL Event.


  • Eligible Sailship are two or three masted SPD, TSS, SSS, SCS and compatible ships
  • Ship-ship collisions turned off
  • No firing of guns against fellow contestants - AND FOR THE SCOUNDRELS - WE MEAN IT !!!
  • No ship editing
  • The wind in Winterfell is mostly from the south
The type of tournament will depend on the number of ships entering the race:
  • 2 ships entering the event : straight final
  • 3 ships: round robin and a final of all the three ships if each gets one win 
  • 4-7 ships entering the race, 2-3 ships semifinals and 2-3 ships final  
  • With 8 or more ships, quarterfinals, semifinals and final will be run

Applications will be accepted until 5 minutes before the start of the race, but early applications are welcome.

Please contact Wildstar Beaumont, Oldesoul Resident or Oriella Charik in world for information and send a notecard with your name for early application.

(Note: Editing to correct the SLURL for the right location!)

Shiver (and shimmy) yer timbres! It's the Privateers' Ball!

Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps and 
The Steamlands Pirate Council presents
Swashbucklers For Life's

2015 Privateers Ball 

Date: June 28, 2015
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. SLT
Dress: Medieval naval, pirate, privateer or civilian dress encouraged but not expected - Come to have fun!
Music provided by DJ Magda K

Location: Nepenthe Gate in Winterfell Absinthe -

28 May 2015

Thank you to everyone who has helped us  and contributed - every linden is appreciated and even if you cannot contribute - please attend events - folks put a lot of work into these events - and we love to be with our friends!  

Burlesque Blues on the Blue Tiles with Bard's Blues Express

We had such a successful event and raised $L202K!!! I wanted to include the thank you note to all of you who were there and what I sent to those who helped to produce this event!  

Thank you from Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps,

Words cannot express how wonderful it was for those of you who attended our Mellow Blues Sunday with Bard's Blue Express last night.- it meant so much  to all of us.- including the Blues Community.

Petuniia was a hostess and a dear friend of that community and of Cassie and me - We  talked every Thursday until she passed - her last words to me were relay relay relay and when you get tired - relay more - Our team adoped their team in 2013 so she would have a campsite to go to - the year I was voted Spirit of Relay and her team was Team Spirit of Relay.  Petuniia Trail goes across Ebonshire and Reverie thanks to Admiral Beaumont - and we have Petuniias at all our events.

Clint Westwood also djed at Junkyards but mostly at the Wharf owned by Fiery Otarred- another awesome dj.  We knew Clint mostly in InWorldz - he would also dj for us in InWorldz if he was not too ill - his final words to me - please don't give up!
Our team Tiny Steps for a Cure helped with his memorial - along with Dick Pinelli and Ganjo - Such a fantastic celebration of life - crashed the sim ! Success!

On a lighter note - Bard's Blues Express does come into the Junkyards every Sunday night - Cassie and I will always be there as will Ms. Magda and Ms. Merry!   Ms. Fiery is on right before him - and you cannot find finer folks to begin/end  your week with.  Bard's schedule is in his picks - Bard Wasp - so from 7 - 11 you can enjoy some of the best blues ever!  I only stressed over the fact that the Euros could not come - but thought it was time for a west coast event.   I had no idea it would turn out like it did - we raised $202K Lindens for our team and for Relay !  How awesome is that -

Thank you so much for allowing me to ramble  -

Olde -

27 May 2015

Captain's Update - FINALLY !!!

It has been a busy past two months for many of us in RL and SL - But our team has participated and helped out in so many ways for RFL of SL !!!  (let's see if I catch all of them  - if something gets left out, let me know)

Many of us were involved in Fantasy Faire.  I was helping with RFL Tools and working with Zander.  Many of us participated as the Fairelands' Long Paw of the Law under Commandant Xavian.   The duty of a sheriff at Fantasy Faire is not easy - hard work there !   Capturing hardened criminals like our own Clover and Dru  - and raising a LOT of money to help Fantasy Faire for RFL of SL .  Magdalena Kamenev djed for Fantasy Faire as did Bard Wasp ( an unofficial member of our team)  Wildstar was the official photographer and he has a fantastic photographic blog for the faire. Leia also was one of the official bloggers.  Several folks had shops like Jennylynn and Mani.   Other tinies that are not officially on our team also helped out.

At the medieval festival, several of us participated in the EnGarde Tournament - and Linn and Ms. Eili were in the final round - Olde ended up there - to fill out one of the byes but unfortunately we all lost in that first round of champions - This competition took place over several weeks - and GREAT job Linn and Eili .

We had a booth of vendors at the Halfway There Faire - thanks Jennylynn, Pieni and Cassie for doing vendors for that event - Cassie and Olde also played with a steamland group - led by Hearts and Souls with a tribute to Electric Light Orchestra.

Our booth at Relay Stock received accolades from many - our big bird on top of the van was fantastic. I was able to hide in one of the sleeping bags and get some work completed !  - thanks again to Jennylynn Capalini and Pieni Resident  for vendors and decor - also a big thanks to Suzetta Moonites who was able to fill in and do a dj spot for our team .   It was a wonderful time with several BYOKs (Bring Your Own Kiiosk) events and thank you to Bain and Panza who manned those while I had to go to other events.

Speaking of BYOKs - Bain, Panza , Cassie and I  try to get to most of them  - they are later at night for the most part so not Euro friendly - we try to make it to the Wednesday BYOK by Team Shadow.  When you see that total slowly climbing it is due to all the vendors, kiosks, byoks, and hard work by everyone!  Thanks to those who have a vendor in their shop !!! Greatly appreciated !!

Linn Darkwatch competed in Team Caledon's TEAWRace and the 2015 Great Race of Caledon !! Not  only did he compete - HE WON!!! Way to go Linn!!!  

We also appreciate and a big shout out to Junkyard Blues and Cay's Woodland who both have our kiosk out at all time !  Great !!

Thanks to everyone who is helping our team - remember your participation and assistance is just as important as lindens - When folks go to all the hard work to put on any event - your attendance is always welcome !

If any of you need vendors or kiosks - or are interested in helping out with an event - let me know!   We have plenty of time before campsite time !   The excitement is building !  

Take care  - and take care of each other!  *hugs*


07 April 2015

Second Annual Swim For a Cure - Surf's Up!!!

Liz, The Duchess of Trikassi, and Lady Oriella Charik would like to invite you to Chateau Trikassi to celebrate their Rez Days and to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life.  The Theme of the Second Annual Swim for a Cure this year is a 1960s beach party with music by Patty Poppy.  We will meet you at this location on Sat April 11th from 1-3pm.

This is always a fun event and tiny swims and dances are available!!! Everyone is welcome to join us

05 April 2015

Bollywood Dance in Honor of the Advent of Caledon Mayapuri - sim warming

You are hereby invited to a sim- warming party - Bollywood style - on Sun. April 5th from 1-3pm SLT.     All are welcome. If one wishes to come in theme costume, Indian dress or steampunk wear are encouraged, but by no means required. Tips will go to ACTS  and Team Caledon.. But no matter your wardrobe or linden balance, come out and have some fun to some great music and a lively crowd celebrating a different flavor of steampunk.

02 April 2015

Our Dear Panza does a Bid Me Bald - Raises 40K for our team

Many thanks to our dear Panza for taking part in the Bid Me Bald with the Relay Rockers  -  She was able to raise 40K for our team and we are now over 300K!!! How fantastic!!

Everything that all of you are doing for our team - is very appreciated - All of our DJ, our performers, our event coordinators, our bloggers, our photographers, and our builders - each of you are very important to our TEAM!!! We all love each other and are here for you if you need anything!

Remember ......Our team is tiny yet mighty, small yet forceful, diverse yet united, frolicking yet determined! We are ACTS! We are Relay!   Smile, Have Fun, and do pawsome things !!!

26 March 2015

What an awesome achievement  - everyone is doing a great job !!! We have a dual kiosk up at Junkyards with Unmasking a Cure.  Cay's Woodland  - a very tiny friendly and fun place to go -  has adopted our team and is setting up vendors and kiosks.  Po Monkey's also has our kiosk up !!!   Ms. Jennylynn Capalini has vendors set up at her shop and at ACS Island  -
Currently I am with my mother and will have time to dedicate to team activities when I come home.

Ms. Panza has done a Bid Me  Bald at Arinultra Cay - we are going to be doing an international Bring Your Own Kiosk party this weekend to help her and to help our team - it is a dual kiosk.  

Let me know if you have any plans. - DJs - have kiosk will travel!!! Just let us know where you are so we can support you !    

17 March 2015

Time Traveler's Ball

Our kickoff for Relay For Life went extremely well  and a good time was had by all.   Jarl Otenth Paderborn led us through a fantastic set of music that all enjoyed and cheered!   We were joined by tinies, daleks, a unicorn, and biggies!  
We had the delight of having this event in the ACTS Timeship built by Cassie Eldmedar and the interesting modes of transportation through the years provided by Admiral Wildstar Beaumont.
We are looking forward to upcoming events and are still in the planning stages.  
This Friday on the 20th ....Bloodfang Clawtooth will be performing his set of music at Seastar Island from 2 - 4!!  

13 March 2015

Kickoff Event - Time Traveler's Ball March 14th 1- 3pm SLT

The Time Traveler's Ball  will be March 14th from 1-3 pm SLT. Jarl Otenth Paderborn will be leading us through a delightful set of songs for our Kickoff Relay For Life event .  Winterfell and Team ACTS invites everyone to come!  Dress to have a good time and some great dancing !

11 March 2015

Kickoff and we are READY TO GO GO GO GO GO RELAY!!!!

We have already done so many wonderful things - You are all wonderful folks to work with. Kickoff weekend was fantastic for our team - because we are cool !!! We smile, have fun and do pawsome things!!!!
Thanks so much to Jennylynn Capalini, Cassie Eldemar, and Pieni Resident who had such a cool booth and our vendor sales were fantastic for us !!! We WERE PAWSOME!!!!

With our convio challenges - we received 41K in lindens for our team - our total is up to $723 USD - not far from Gold !!! We are Silver !!!   That is just fantstic !!!   any donations to convio really help our team to achieve the halfway there donations  -

We are participating in the CDS Hooters Philanthropy Society's event - and we have a float there - Gorfest is going on  run by our dear friend Nevar Lobo - pick up at calendar at  I did just hear that if you make it a convex hull - the land impact goes down to 40 - so it is primmy but a solution !!! It is also free!!!!

Our first event will be this weekend - noooo stressing - all is taken care of - Otenth Paderborn will be leading us through a delightful set of songs for our Time Traveler's Ball!    The venue is set up and almost ready to go !!!   *tosses kiosks around* If anyone would like to have a vendor placed just let me know - but we usually give our builders a break for this event. .   They are so wonderful to us! - Saturday 14 March at 1pm SLT.

15 February 2015

Captain's Blog February 15th 2015 The Future is now !!!

Welcome everybody to the new year of Relay For Life of Second Life !!!! The theme this year is The Future is Now!!!   It is wonderful for all of us to work together again this year!! Our team number is 50 - Our team page is

To set up your relayer page - you will need to use the chronometer - they are in our group notices  or in volunteers - or you may contact any of us - and we will just toss one your way !  Our convio page is  We have already raised $100 and are on our way to our convio goal of $1000!

Our Blogspot is  - ALL co- captains are encouraged to add to the Blog and if you have something you would like to add - just let one of us know - and we will get the information out !!! Co-Captains as of now are Wildstar Beaumont, Eili McCullough, Brandi Whittenton, Cashew Writer (Cassie), Manfred Hancroft, Jennylynn Capalini, and Magdalena Kamenev

We will be busy painting the grid purple - supplies are at the volunteer center.

Looking forward to a great year !!!