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28 May 2015

Burlesque Blues on the Blue Tiles with Bard's Blues Express

We had such a successful event and raised $L202K!!! I wanted to include the thank you note to all of you who were there and what I sent to those who helped to produce this event!  

Thank you from Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps,

Words cannot express how wonderful it was for those of you who attended our Mellow Blues Sunday with Bard's Blue Express last night.- it meant so much  to all of us.- including the Blues Community.

Petuniia was a hostess and a dear friend of that community and of Cassie and me - We  talked every Thursday until she passed - her last words to me were relay relay relay and when you get tired - relay more - Our team adoped their team in 2013 so she would have a campsite to go to - the year I was voted Spirit of Relay and her team was Team Spirit of Relay.  Petuniia Trail goes across Ebonshire and Reverie thanks to Admiral Beaumont - and we have Petuniias at all our events.

Clint Westwood also djed at Junkyards but mostly at the Wharf owned by Fiery Otarred- another awesome dj.  We knew Clint mostly in InWorldz - he would also dj for us in InWorldz if he was not too ill - his final words to me - please don't give up!
Our team Tiny Steps for a Cure helped with his memorial - along with Dick Pinelli and Ganjo - Such a fantastic celebration of life - crashed the sim ! Success!

On a lighter note - Bard's Blues Express does come into the Junkyards every Sunday night - Cassie and I will always be there as will Ms. Magda and Ms. Merry!   Ms. Fiery is on right before him - and you cannot find finer folks to begin/end  your week with.  Bard's schedule is in his picks - Bard Wasp - so from 7 - 11 you can enjoy some of the best blues ever!  I only stressed over the fact that the Euros could not come - but thought it was time for a west coast event.   I had no idea it would turn out like it did - we raised $202K Lindens for our team and for Relay !  How awesome is that -

Thank you so much for allowing me to ramble  -

Olde -

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