Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

31 March 2014

To the Greatest Relayers I know!!!

WOW!! What an awesome journey so far this year!!! We are closing in on Platinum and it is just April!!

There are soo many of you working so hard!  I really do want you to know how much it is appreciated!!!  We have had some fantastic events and have had a lot of fun!!!  We have some great events coming up!!!    I am so excited for our team!!  I know some of our DJs are taking a kiosk and cool!! Let us know where you are - so we can come support you!!

Our event this past weekend went so well....and we were able to help our very special Petuniia and her team Petunia Gardens.  It meant so much to her as she continues her treatment.

Fantasy Faire is coming up and Xavian will be needing some of us to help.  Drop him a notecard if you are able to help.  April is filling up but feel free to drop me a notecard with a possible event.  We can have them at night and during the week if that is better for you.  If you need any help with promotion call me or any of the co- captains!

GOOO RELAY!!!!!  Commit ACTS of RELAY!!!


30 March 2014

Images from "Bring the Bluez back to Winterfell" and from the "Tolkien Party"

Thursday 10th April at 3pm
Pitter Patter Dance company presents CINDERELLA.

With her signature combination of dance and story Dubhna Rhiadra has created a unique take on the old story in the best tradition of British pantomime.  Great tunes. Fabulous costumes. A dazzling set. And lots of laughs.

Concept and design by Dubhna Rhiadra
Choreography by Dubhna Rhiadra, aminata Potez and Halfpint Raymaker

29 March 2014

 ACTS would like to honour our dear friend Petunia and her team Petunia Gardens by Bringing the Bluez to Winterfell.  Magda Haiku from 1-2 and Bard Wasp from 2-3!  A show NOT to be missed!!! Petunia sends her love to all!!

26 March 2014

ACT RFL Tolkien Party

Hobbits, Dwarves, Wizards, Humans and Elves, everybody welcome to come and join us for an evening with DJ Brandi. Yes even even Orcs, Goblins, Ringwraiths and the minions of Sauron!

 (House rule - no fighting over small items of jewelery. Hobbits and dwarves please contribute to the food and beer)

24 March 2014

The Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow

The Slideshow of the fantastic show of the Changhigh Trinity Sisters for Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps

15 March 2014

Traveling the Streams of Time

Last week was the official kick-off for the 2014 season of RFL in SL. This weekend, Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps had its first event, the annual Time Travellers Ball! Held in Winterfell Reverie on an Aetheric Timeship, attendees danced to Nouveau Vintage tunes provided by DJ Otenth HÃ¥kon Paderborn.

What is Nouveau Vintage? It is a growing subgenre of music, where modern rock and pop songs are covered using arrangements and instruments from previous musical eras, including classical, big band-era jazz, American and European cabaret, and even a cappella. With selections from Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestr, 2cellos, and Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox, Mr. Paderborn surprised and delighted the crowd with novel, playful renditions of contemporary music, perfectly in theme with the Ball.

Surrounded by objects for travel from various eras, including a galleon, a rocket and a blue policeman's box, today's travelers with ACTS set off on a Journey of Hope that will culminate in four months at this years Relay for Life in Second Life. We thank each and every attendee for their presence and support, and we hope that you continue the journey with us!

Photos by Wildstar Beaumont - ©2014

Such a fantastic group of folks to work with!!!!

10 March 2014

 Brandi takes the fight to the Shire's Mardi Gras Parade

08 March 2014

Save the Date!

RFLinSL's kick-off is this weekend! And next weekend is the first formal event for Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps!

Join us for a great time, with wonderful music provided by DJ Otenth Paderborn! March 15, 2014, starting at 12 noon SLT. Begin the Journey of Hope with us!

07 March 2014

We Have Been Skunked!!

My dearest RFL captain,
We have recently become aware of an incident involving your team and that notorious villian known as 'Stinky'.
His foul presence will affect your team on the web until Mar 11 @ 07:55 PM.
In your box of kiosks and vendors you will find a de-skunking kiosk that may help, should you wish to remove this blight upon your team.
Good luck, best wishes, and GO RELAY!!!

Stinky has spotted us and thinks he is going to stay awhile.  Our best move is to send him home.  How do we do this?  In your fundraising kits and in a notice sent last night, you received a DESKUNKING KIOSK.  Rezz that and have folks contribute to that rather than the regular one.  Every linden gets Stinky closer to going back home! 

As Jennylynn stated last night and was relayed to the RFL of SL committee - we would like an award for being skunked and deskunking BEFORE Kickoff!   

01 March 2014

The Story behind our Logo

A lot of people have asked about our logo, so here is the story behind it:

Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps was formed from two teams, so the logo reflects that, with elements from both.

The first thing most people notice is the clock dial around the outer edge. This comes from the Aether Chrononauts logo, a group going back many years, which brings together communities from Second Life's Steamlands. Chrononauts are time travellers, so a traditional clock dial is their logo.

Inside that you find the paw prints, representing the Tinies. Our tiny steps are all part of the great journey to beat cancer, while the finale of each Relay season is the twenty-four hour track walk.

At the centre is a flower - more specifically a petunia. This season is dedicated to our friend and survivor Petuniia Resident.