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07 March 2014

We Have Been Skunked!!

My dearest RFL captain,
We have recently become aware of an incident involving your team and that notorious villian known as 'Stinky'.
His foul presence will affect your team on the web until Mar 11 @ 07:55 PM.
In your box of kiosks and vendors you will find a de-skunking kiosk that may help, should you wish to remove this blight upon your team.
Good luck, best wishes, and GO RELAY!!!

Stinky has spotted us and thinks he is going to stay awhile.  Our best move is to send him home.  How do we do this?  In your fundraising kits and in a notice sent last night, you received a DESKUNKING KIOSK.  Rezz that and have folks contribute to that rather than the regular one.  Every linden gets Stinky closer to going back home! 

As Jennylynn stated last night and was relayed to the RFL of SL committee - we would like an award for being skunked and deskunking BEFORE Kickoff!   

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