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01 March 2014

The Story behind our Logo

A lot of people have asked about our logo, so here is the story behind it:

Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps was formed from two teams, so the logo reflects that, with elements from both.

The first thing most people notice is the clock dial around the outer edge. This comes from the Aether Chrononauts logo, a group going back many years, which brings together communities from Second Life's Steamlands. Chrononauts are time travellers, so a traditional clock dial is their logo.

Inside that you find the paw prints, representing the Tinies. Our tiny steps are all part of the great journey to beat cancer, while the finale of each Relay season is the twenty-four hour track walk.

At the centre is a flower - more specifically a petunia. This season is dedicated to our friend and survivor Petuniia Resident.

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  1. I love our logo - it is very special. The logo suits this year's theme "A Journey of Promise".