15 February 2015

Captain's Blog February 15th 2015 The Future is now !!!

Welcome everybody to the new year of Relay For Life of Second Life !!!! The theme this year is The Future is Now!!!   It is wonderful for all of us to work together again this year!! Our team number is 50 - Our team page is http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/team-page/?team=50.

To set up your relayer page - you will need to use the chronometer - they are in our group notices  or in volunteers - or you may contact any of us - and we will just toss one your way !  Our convio page is http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=68673&pg=team&team_id=1794317  We have already raised $100 and are on our way to our convio goal of $1000!

Our Blogspot is http://aetherchrononautsrfl.blogspot.com/  - ALL co- captains are encouraged to add to the Blog and if you have something you would like to add - just let one of us know - and we will get the information out !!! Co-Captains as of now are Wildstar Beaumont, Eili McCullough, Brandi Whittenton, Cashew Writer (Cassie), Manfred Hancroft, Jennylynn Capalini, and Magdalena Kamenev

We will be busy painting the grid purple - supplies are at the volunteer center.

Looking forward to a great year !!!


01 September 2014


Team ACTS would like to personally thank each and every one of you for all of your hard word and effort you put into helping Relay For Life of Second Life 2014!  We could never have accomplished what we did without all of the help from our teammates and friends.   All suggestions are important to us, event planning is awesome, builders, vendors, DJs, live performers, bloggers, and every linden helps toward finding a cure and ensuring more birthdays for those with cancer.  More people are living today and surviving this dreaded disease! It is time to find a cure!

Next year's theme is The Future is NOW!!! It will be an exciting time!! By the time Relay rolls around next year - we will be pumped up and ready to go!  Our new chair person for next year is the lovely Ms. Random Padar Darrow.   She will soar like the rest - with all of us to help her!

This year, Wildstar Beaumont won a coveted Community Champion Award for all of his hard work and great photography!

Cassie and OldeSoul Eldemar got Best Man and Maid of Honor Awards for their contributions.

Pictures from the Wrap Up Ceremony:

Awards from the Wrap Up Ceremony:

Personally, in my eyes and in the eyes of team spirit - all of you are winners!!! Thanks so much for all of your help - could never have done it without you!!


07 July 2014

Notes for Relay Weekend!!

We have already accomplished a convio challenge worth 10K for Relay Weekend.  Everyone is more than welcome to contribute to our convio http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=61576&pg=team&team_id=1575814
If you are interested you may dedicate a luminaria on the track on the same page.!
See me if you have any questions about this!!

Notes from Nikki:

July 2, 2014

Hello fellow Relayers!  I've got some updates to share and wanted to take this time to drop you a line or two (okay LOTS more than two) .. say hello.. and bring you up to date on some happenings in our Second Life Relay Nation


On behalf of the Relay For Life of Second Life Committee I would like to invite you to be our special guests as we begin our Relay Weekend Event with a Honor Lap. Saturday July 19th, at 11:00 AM the  Honor Lap will be a  time set aside for our survivors and caregivers to walk the track while cheered on by the rest of Relay For LIfe of Second Life.


The Luminaria Ceremony this year will be on July 19th at 9:00pm SLT, the REMEMBER part of Relay.   For one hour, names of those we love that have passed away from, or have survived cancer, will be read as we silently circle the track.

Who do you Relay for?  If you wish to have the name of a loved one honored by having their name read, please go to the link below and complete the form. http://bit.ly/1yQ4ESt


If you have a family member or friend, who is not in SL, but wants to light a luminaria on our track, they have the opportunity to do that.  They can visit our website at relayforlifeofsecondlife.org and then choose to donate (in the right side column) by credit card or paypal and follow the prompts to dedicate a luminaria.


There are sponsorships still available for Relay weekend.  Sponsors get some very nice benefits and opportunities at the Relay sims like:
** Name in “about land” of the Relay Weekend region you or your team is sponsoring
** Signage (Clickable) in or near YOUR region’s Relay Information Station
** Logo in Sponsor Directory at the Ceremony Stage during Relay Weekend
** Mention on Relay Radio Station during Relay Weekend
**Name listed on region lap banner on Relay For Life Event track
Contact Cathy10 Longoria to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at Relay!


 There are a number of awards that will be presented during Relay weekend.  You will find a list of them and the criteria/process for each at this web link:  http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/awards/sl-awards/

 The final CONVIO CHALLENGE levels will be completed and teams will be awarded at Relay weekend, as well.  We still do not have the 100 teams registered for convio challenge met!  YOUR TEAM CAN STILL WIN THAT CHALLENGE LEVEL!! Register for convio if you haven't!   Read more at this link:


 Last year, we were able to receive a (real-life) Relay tshirt from ACS for each $100.00 that we donated.  I am THRILLED to announce that once again we will be able to do that this year.  For every 100 dollar SINGLE transaction, donated by way of ANY RFL of SL kiosk or convio, an RFL of SL T-Shirt can be shipped directly to you.  Rather than waiting for Relay weekend this year, the Century Club TShirt Program starts NOW!  Isn't that fantastic?!!.  Another VERY cool fact about this year's Century Club program is that the RL shirt will have the SAME design as one that we will all receive inworld, to be worn as ONE TEAM during a very special lap.  This is a great way for teams to raise their convio and team totals, at the same time!  Please see the embedded notecard for more info.



After the enthusiastic response to last year's Century Club T-shirt program, Sting decided that we needed to have opportunity to get MORE items shipped to us from the storage bins of ACS.  So, after finding the keys to the warehouse, he went on a Relay For Life Treasure Hunt and has been finding GREAT items to be shipped out to TWO very lucky Raffle winners!  Each entry will cost 1000L and you can enter as many times as you like. Teams may rez raffle vendors and join to the main raffle to sell entries and have it credit to their team totals, too! The drawings will take place on Sunday, July 20th after Event Day has ended.  You will not need to be present at the time of the drawing to win.  Please read the embedded notecard below for more info.



The Summertime Breedables Fair opened today and will run until July 16th.  There are Limited Edition Breedables being sold for RFL plus lots more!  It's an amazing set up and their build will be able to be seen from the Relay track during Event weekend, too.  Take some time to pop in and visit the Breedables Fair and thank you to all staff and coordinators for taking the time to organize that HUGE event!  You can tp in by mapsearching 'Breedables Fair' and choosing one of three sims!


.. takes place at ACS Island on July 11th-18th.  This event will feature many real life authors who will be auctioning off unique and very special opportunities in their upcoming books.  Watch our website at RelayForLifeofSecondLife.org to learn more info as it is released.  This is the first time for this event and we are excited to visit it and meet some amazing authors.

That's all the updates I have for you.. for now.  I am sure I'm missing something but yeahhh  this is enough for now.

OH, one more thing.. we ask you all not to plan events at your campsites, because we can't have big gatherings at camps and potentially stop the flow of Relaying on the track.  But, I DO encourage you to get cool stuff in those vendors!!!  You will be able to sell items from your campsites via our vendors and keep raising those team totals PLUS help us get to our goal of 401k!  Also, one of the awards is for Creative Fundraising at Relay.. so my challenge to teams is to use your imaginations and put some CREATIVE things in those vendors this Relay weekend.  I am soo looking forward to seeing the fun things being sold at the camps, from those vendors.  I am going to get my tshirt and swag bagging done now so I can save my lindens for those vendors at Relay!  lol

I LOVE Relay weekend!  I LOVE Relay!  I LOVE our Relay family!


Nikki M
2014 RFL of SL Event Chair