07 April 2015

Second Annual Swim For a Cure - Surf's Up!!!

Liz, The Duchess of Trikassi, and Lady Oriella Charik would like to invite you to Chateau Trikassi to celebrate their Rez Days and to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life.  The Theme of the Second Annual Swim for a Cure this year is a 1960s beach party with music by Patty Poppy.  We will meet you at this location on Sat April 11th from 1-3pm.

This is always a fun event and tiny swims and dances are available!!! Everyone is welcome to join us


05 April 2015

Bollywood Dance in Honor of the Advent of Caledon Mayapuri - sim warming

You are hereby invited to a sim- warming party - Bollywood style - on Sun. April 5th from 1-3pm SLT.     All are welcome. If one wishes to come in theme costume, Indian dress or steampunk wear are encouraged, but by no means required. Tips will go to ACTS  and Team Caledon.. But no matter your wardrobe or linden balance, come out and have some fun to some great music and a lively crowd celebrating a different flavor of steampunk.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Mayapuri/184/162/27

02 April 2015

Our Dear Panza does a Bid Me Bald - Raises 40K for our team

Many thanks to our dear Panza for taking part in the Bid Me Bald with the Relay Rockers  -  She was able to raise 40K for our team and we are now over 300K!!! How fantastic!!

Everything that all of you are doing for our team - is very appreciated - All of our DJ, our performers, our event coordinators, our bloggers, our photographers, and our builders - each of you are very important to our TEAM!!! We all love each other and are here for you if you need anything!

Remember ......Our team is tiny yet mighty, small yet forceful, diverse yet united, frolicking yet determined! We are ACTS! We are Relay!   Smile, Have Fun, and do pawsome things !!!

26 March 2015

What an awesome achievement  - everyone is doing a great job !!! We have a dual kiosk up at Junkyards with Unmasking a Cure.  Cay's Woodland  - a very tiny friendly and fun place to go -  has adopted our team and is setting up vendors and kiosks.  Po Monkey's also has our kiosk up !!!   Ms. Jennylynn Capalini has vendors set up at her shop and at ACS Island  -
Currently I am with my mother and will have time to dedicate to team activities when I come home.

Ms. Panza has done a Bid Me  Bald at Arinultra Cay - we are going to be doing an international Bring Your Own Kiosk party this weekend to help her and to help our team - it is a dual kiosk.  

Let me know if you have any plans. - DJs - have kiosk will travel!!! Just let us know where you are so we can support you !    

17 March 2015

Time Traveler's Ball

Our kickoff for Relay For Life went extremely well  and a good time was had by all.   Jarl Otenth Paderborn led us through a fantastic set of music that all enjoyed and cheered!   We were joined by tinies, daleks, a unicorn, and biggies!  
We had the delight of having this event in the ACTS Timeship built by Cassie Eldmedar and the interesting modes of transportation through the years provided by Admiral Wildstar Beaumont.
We are looking forward to upcoming events and are still in the planning stages.  
This Friday on the 20th ....Bloodfang Clawtooth will be performing his set of music at Seastar Island from 2 - 4!!  

13 March 2015

Kickoff Event - Time Traveler's Ball March 14th 1- 3pm SLT

The Time Traveler's Ball  will be March 14th from 1-3 pm SLT. Jarl Otenth Paderborn will be leading us through a delightful set of songs for our Kickoff Relay For Life event .  Winterfell and Team ACTS invites everyone to come!  Dress to have a good time and some great dancing !   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Reverie/90/85/1225