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02 April 2015

Our Dear Panza does a Bid Me Bald - Raises 40K for our team

Many thanks to our dear Panza for taking part in the Bid Me Bald with the Relay Rockers  -  She was able to raise 40K for our team and we are now over 300K!!! How fantastic!!

Everything that all of you are doing for our team - is very appreciated - All of our DJ, our performers, our event coordinators, our bloggers, our photographers, and our builders - each of you are very important to our TEAM!!! We all love each other and are here for you if you need anything!

Remember ......Our team is tiny yet mighty, small yet forceful, diverse yet united, frolicking yet determined! We are ACTS! We are Relay!   Smile, Have Fun, and do pawsome things !!!

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