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28 February 2017

Thank you Team ACTS for all you DO!! The GREATEST !!

Fellow Steamlanders and our tiny community,

Please forgive my tardiness in the final reporting of last year.   Several big events in our lives took precedence and I know you all agree that RL comes first and it did.  But, thankfully you now have my full attention again.  Team ACTS is all that - ACTS of kindness and togetherness,  We are ONE TEAM, and dear friends.

One major thing that did happen in regards to relay is that Team ACTS won a coveted award.  Our team and I mean TEAM - won the BEACON award.   The Beacon Award Celebrates one team who have made exceptional contributions to RFL of SL through acts of generosity or by providing leadership, creative ideas, skills or time without personal reward. The team who utilizes events and Relay opportunities to bring new awareness to our group
 This team's willingness to partner with Relayers from all walks of SL life exemplifies what it means to be a "beacon" in our fight against cancer.  Fantasy Faire 2016 would not have been possible without the support of this Team. They came as merchants, as performers, producers and players, photographers, writers, and spinners of songs.
 They also reached out with some creative events to RP sims.  For this and other reasons, our 2016 Team Beacon Award winner is Team ACTS.

All of the venues that helped our team and were very dedicated to the cause of eradicating cancer, along with each and every one of you are greatly appreciated.  I know the upcoming year will be a great year and I suspect that that olde tardy captain may just get that first report in faster than an act of ACTS!    Thank you all so much for all you have done in the past, this year, for stepping up when necessary, and helping out wherever we are needed.   You are all loved!  

OldeSoul Eldemar
Captain of Team ACTS

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