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08 May 2017

May 2017 Update - Such Busy Relayers !!!

We have stayed quite busy for Relay however not within the community. As we do every year, we participated in Fantasy Faire.  I will quote myself in one of the blogs for Fantasy Faire because I do believe it explains what the participation of ACTS best.  Our team is very special and a very global team in relay. We are all very close. One event that draws all of us together is Fantasy Faire. The magic of the Fairelands affects each and every one of us. Some come as DJs, performers, others as merchants, sponsors, builders, sheriffs, Jailbirds, bloggers, shoppers and photographers. Speaking for all of us, Fantasy Faire brings together our rules: smile, have fun and do pawsum things. Our motto is “Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.” The Magic of the Fairelands brings that together for all of us, no matter how we present ourselves in this wonderful world of Second Life.

This is hot off the presses!!!! Hey Nonny Nonny is now on YouTube!
Sun, May 07 2017 10:42:32 AM PDT

You can see the awesomeness here:

And there's a story about the background to the making of the song here:

We have had some events - one great  dual event with Team Go The Distance  at Cay's Woodland Lake and Holocluck  Henly held a delightful party one day. Temptation Falls had an event for our team of live musicians for a wonderful three day weekend. . All were very successul .  If I have been remiss in mentioning someone, I do hereby bow and extend my gratitude.  We are team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps - 47 Tax free donations may be made here -

We are preparing to truly kick off our relay season with a multi team event for Relay Stock and Holocluck Henly will be our dj.  We are also have two dances for the Caledon Maze next weekend and Relay Stock.   Preparations for the Royal Ascot are being made for June 24th.   Please let me know details about any event you may have planned.

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