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27 June 2016

Swashbucklers For Life Weekend for the Steamlands

Swashbucklers for Life is a collaboration between various pirate / privateer / buccaneer groups throughout the Steamlands in support of Relay for Life in Second Life. Originally conceived as a (relatively) simple gathering of the Black Moon Marauders, the Crimson Pirates of Caledon and the Winterfell Privateers, SFL quickly grew into a weekend-long event involving a number of different groups and spanning numerous sims.

Tao Mistwalker

There were many great events throughout the weekend!!! All had their own splash of color and fun and represented their nation well  in the following events !

On Friday, June 24th   from 7:30 - 9pm SLT, The Black Moon Marauders hosted the Buccaneer's Ball at the Laughing Dragon Tavern in Caledon Llyr for some rum and rowdiness to  kick off the Swashbucklers for Life 2016 weekend. Your safe passage is guaranteed* for the evening, so come and dance the night away with the Black Moon Marauders! If the sim is full, you can join the drunken revelry on the dock next door in Caledon Mayfair.

* Please note that a pirate's guarantee is generally not worth the parchment it's scrawled in blood upon, and that you probably won't make it out alive. On the other hand, you'll have so much fun that you almost certainly won't care, so come on out and dance like it's your last night on earth! Because it may very well be ...

On Saturday, we had a lovely ball at the Edison Ballroom in St. John with Lady Gabrielle Riel playing some wonderful music for all of us to enjoy !  Thank you so much to the citizens of St. John and Her Grace, Gabi for providing such wonderful music in a beautiful setting as always!

Later that night , we had a delightful Fashion Show -  Walk the Plank Fashion Show (Black Moon Marauders)

Join us for the 6th annual Walk the Plank pirate fashion show to be held on board the Morrigan in Caledon Mayfair. Audience seating will be on the dock facing the ship. Come see some of the loveliest wenches and handsomest rogues in the Steamlands as they strut their stuff on the gangplank over shark infested waters.   

These daring models are forced to walk the plank over shark-infested waters for your amusement. The best-dressed pirates in the Steamlands will be showing off some of their favorite outfits, including some interesting original combinations. Afterwards you'll be treated to a grand finale performance by the Black Moon Marauders (BMM) models, choreographed as well as possible amid the rum-infused revelry and numerous fire hazards aboard the ship.

Here is a link to the RFL vendor for images of the Walk The Plank Fashion Show fromSaturday. Some nice images if you need a souvenier! check it out at Alley Cats Alley in Caledon II:

This was followed by a fantastic dance Swashbucklers For Life, with Tao Mistwalker spinning the decks again.   So much fun and great LMs.  Thanks to Tao, Ms. Nyree Rain, Ms. Jan Stroikavskoi, Ms. Patty Poppy - all the fantastic models and the lovely clothes by the designers.  Call any of these fine folks for the lms - or call me.   Fantastic job!! Very impressive.   

Sunday is always the final day - and the day we have the Privateer's Ball sponsored by the Winterfell Privateers and the Steamlands Pirate Council.   Her Grace, Magdalena Kamenev played some fantastic music in a beautiful setting  - expect pictures to come.   The  venue was The Nepenthe Gate flanked by the ships of Winterfell.   Thanks to Admiral Beaumont and the Winterfell Privateers for helping to pull this together - and  a special thanks to Princess Selena Anansi.   

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