Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

23 June 2016

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated.  A special thanks to Cay's of Woodland Lake, Cay, and the djs who participated in the great DJ Battle.   A special thanks also to Blackhawk Heights and Lady Zinda Blake for having  the Royal Ascot Race - hosted by Chateau Trikassi, Her Grace Liz Wilner, Lady Oriella, Countess Cassie Eldemar and Lord Eldemar.   The Call of the Race was made by DJ Gerrard Winstanley and filming by Sir Elrik Merlin.   A fantastic After Party was djed by Sir Winstanley also - thanks to all that make these events happen.  There is a lot of work that goes into each event with thought and loving care.   (Only one raffle vendor was kicked in the process - but all worked out well - just an OldeSoul moment)   We are looking forward to Swashbuckler's weekend and more events coming up !!!!

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