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17 June 2016

Thank you so much to Cay's of Woodland Lake - We are over 1 million !!!!

So, I had this idea. Let's do a DJ Battle to raise money for Relay For Life. Good idea but I can't do it - I don't DJ. I needed help and Aliya HeronJezzika DebevecSasha Sugar AllardyceBen ShuttFilo Tani, and Rinda DeCuir answered the call. Then you need hosts to 'referee' the battle and be sure the guests are all warmly welcomed and Zara MistwalkerCloudrider Resident, and Anita Manders(Phedra) could not have done a better job. Then you need someone to help plan and set it up and pull it all together and, as usual, RB Parker was there. He's the calm in my storm. Before the event I was so nervous because more than anything I wanted it to go well for the ACTS RFL Team and Olde Eldemarand Cassie Eldemar who work so tirelessly for Relay for Life all year long.

We created a Facebook event page. We sent out invitations. We posted and chatted and hoped our friends would come and support this great cause. WOW! Did y'all ever! You came and danced and "trash talked" with us! You shared stories about how cancer had touched your lives - those celebrating surviving the fight and the pain of losing those that didn't. You came and were generous beyond our wildest expectations!

YOU raised $L209,458 in 6 hours! YOU donated to Relay For Life of Second Life $838!! Because of all of you we pushed the ACTS Team's total over 1 million L$ raised so far this year! Congratulations! YOU ARE THE BEST!!

I am grateful beyond words for each and every one of you and all you contributed of your time, talent and donations. All of us at Cay's are proud to have had a part in making this incredible night happen. Thank you for allowing us be a part of it!


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  1. Words cannot express what a wonderful event this was - Cay and RB have been so awesome to be partners with, and Team ACTS is proud to called them not just friends but family.