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Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

20 May 2016

The Second Half of our Season !!

Ribbons are in notices - if you would like a copy let me know. It is for our Participation and Platinum level.   Convio levels for awards we won will be added soon. We accomplished the first two challenges and after Halfway attained the 3rd.  So - we will be receiving $140 for our convio awards soon.   The third award will be at relay.  Anyone interested in a sponsorship may visit this site -  or if you wish to donate this is our convio - call me if you are unsure how to use this tool ! Our convio is  and you only use SL info at the top - billing is RL.

So far we have a region sponsorship, 2 theme sponsorships, and a book pedesteal for Shady, Stillpink, Soliel Snook, A. Whybrow,  Joker, Nin, and Petuniia.  I still have to purchase Nin's. Our theme sponsorships so far are Steampunkers and Swashbucklers For Life - so - let's show em what we are made of !!! If there is anyone that we need to do in memory, let me know !   Thank you to those who donated for all of these sponsorships - it helped make us platinum.

So, where do we go from here.... our venues will be taking care of us, our builders, our vendor folks, and just all kinds of exciting events coming up !!   Thanks so much to Junkyards Blues, Cays of Woodland Lake,  Theater on the Hill, Changhigh Trinity Sisters, and the Centurions MC.    Please support all of these folks as they all have great plans for us !!

Thanks to Cassie Eldemar, Jennylynn Capalini, and ReneBroux for our Halfway There Fair Build and vendors.  Relay Stock is coming up and our Nascar race with our special car is ready to go. That will be on June 3rd at 4pm SLT, followed by the Annual Fuzzball Celebration on June 3rd at 7pm SLT  Ms. Poppy will be having the Jam Tart Ball on June 11th and will have one at 1pm SLT for our Euros and one at 7pm SLT for those late night folks.   I will not be so remiss as to not mention to get out those morning suits and lovely blue dresses for The Royal Acot Race.    

Events coming up can be seen to the right in the calendar - a few still need to get in there and I need to clarify a few dates - but we will be having a great time up until Relay - on July 16 and 17th!   Remember to always use the website to see the latest - or join our inworld group for the latest updates !!


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