Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

10 May 2016


You are certainly a busy group of folks - and I do understand that you honestly have real lives and I enjoy hearing about what you are up to .  So many of you work, some of you are working on your homes and gardens, and some of you are caregivers.  We are a very special group of folks - that mean very much to one another.   I absolutely LOVE LOVE our ACTS group inworld - where it is so easy to share.  

So far, we have worked with Christmas Expo, Home and  Garden and Fantasy Faire Mega events.  These are  opportunities  for you to shine  - and to let folks know you are there not just as a relayer but as a merchant.   We were at Paint SL Purple and many of you participated.  We went to Kick off and everyone is invited to the Halfway There Faire this weekend.  We will be getting our ribbon then.  IF you have any products to add to our vendors contact. Jennylynn Capalini  or me.  

We have a region sponsorship.   We also have Book Pedestals for the following people, Petuniia, Ms. Soliel, M. Whybrow, Shady, and our dear sweet Stillpink.   We also have two theme laps - so get your steampunk outfits and your swashbuckler outfits ready to go go go go ! Cathy10 Longoria has been very helpful in getting these sponsorships into our convio.!!!  

So here we are ready for the Halfway Faire this weekend.   We have achieved the Platinum Level -

How impresseive!! Now if you go to our total's site - and I always give you the captain's site so you can easily see in the last column how far it is to the next level.    You can see that most of our monies have come from convio.  - But this is the time of year that we concentrate on events and getting ready for relay.    I will be talking to our sponsors and have some I still need to contact..   If you wish to have an event - let me know as soon as possible so I can at least get it on our notecard and a dear soul will place it on our calendar.  

Several teams have joined our umbrella team for the steamlands and that is wonderful - Steelhead Salmons, Team Caledon, St. John's, Team Fox Star, along with the smaller steamland communities that have always been under our umbrella of Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps.

Mani and Jennylynn Capalini represented our team on Relay Rap and discussed building campsites.  A more proud captain could not be found.   High Sheriff OldeSoul Eldemar (ooo that is me)  was interviewed by Ms.Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin  - for Designing Worlds .First of the two episodes of Designing Worlds about the Fantasy Faire : Everybody go to minute 39, then you watch the rest of the video!!  Have fun !  My voice was dubbed by Zander Greene - who stated and I quote  "Zander Greene: LOL Playing Olde is the crowning achievement of my career LOL"  He. of course, was not aware that there were spies in the room. Da Dawgberries are always on Watch !

We will need more Tiny and Dinkie ossifers next year as we will be a part of Much Ado about Nothing - so you will be seeing some changes for Fantasy Faire - yeesh - plans are in the works ! Our main job of Jail and bails and watching ovah the steamlands is still our top priority.    Beware of Zander Greene - if you stay too close to him for too long - you will be bagged and tagged !! Trust me on this one!

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