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26 May 2014

The Giant Snails are Coming to Raglan!!! #StaySlimy!!! May 31st at 10:30 am!!

What  :  Giant Snail Cross Country race
When : 5/31/2014  at  10:30 AM
Where : 􀀂
What do I need to do to enter :  Purchase a Starting position scarf ^
                                                 Get a free Snail ^
                                                 Customize it if you want.
                                                 Show up at 10:30  on Saturday
                                                 get your snail on
                                                 wear your starting position scarf

                                                 We start the race at about 11:00 am
                                                 but will be doing races all day on the hour
                                                 Only the 11:00 am race will be on

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