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15 May 2014

Captain's Blog!

Halfway Faire is over !!! We won our convio prize of 25K for having one of the top five convios in RFL of SL.   The last half of relay is ahead of us and the progress has been awesome!!

I try to get everything you need into our group notices but just in case make sure you check with RFL Volunteers and RFL Information Only to make sure.  

RelayStock is this weekend - and we have a space. I will make sure there is a kiosk there - if you have any vendors you would like to place there -  let me know so we can get those up!  We are taking our tiny dance ball so tiny dances will be available.  Also - some tiny couples' dances.

The goal for RFL of SL is 401K. We currently have over 250K in USD!!!   The goal for our team is Sapphire - 1Million Lindens!!  We are 68.62% there!!  We can do this!!!   Lots of great events coming up and pawsome opportunites to Smile, Have fun, and dooo the awesome things we do!!  

 Please let me know if you have any events that you would like to do!   The Snails are coming to Raglan on May 31st!

  The Sci Fi Mega Event is from May 30th to June 8th!    
  Thanks to all the Tiny Chrononauts who gave their time to Fantasy Faire!!  It was fantastic as usually and everyone was very pleased with our presence.  

Thanks to everyone who has given their time, their talents and their lindens to our team!  Every one of you is appreciated!

 Gooo Relay and Keep up the Great work!!!


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