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14 July 2016

Relay Weekend is Here !

Team Aether Chrononauts and Tiny Steps is proud to tell you that this weekend is RELAY - the weekend to meet at the track. We would love to see you at the track. We want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us in so many ways. It takes a village, and in our case, nations, to complete the job without stressing out. We are all busy folks.

Our campsite is dedicated to the Steamlands and the wonderful fine folks who are our neighbours. (Yes, we consider Raglan and the tiny areas of the grid to be members.) The build was a huge team effort. Cassie Eldemar built the castle. Princess Selena Anansi did the landscaping. Cierra Anatine from Kismet did the interior decorating. Eilidh McCullough and I planned the rooms.  Magda Kamenev, Cassie and I wrote the storyline. Aminata Potez and I did the memory garden. Princess Selena also did the filler spot between our team and Fantasy Faire - to connect the two in a wonderful way!

Thank you to all who put in so much time, from the very start of Relay back in March, to those joining us on the track and at the campsite. Thanks to those who gave banners and items for the castle. It makes it home for all of us.

We truly enjoyed doing this campsite with all of you in mind. Stop in and enjoy!

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