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Fantasy Faire is gearing up and getting ready to go go go go !!

10 March 2016


Welcome to Team Aether Chononauts Tiny Steps - Team ACTS, let's keep life simple!   GRINS :)   Relay For Life of SL started on March 6th and already we have accomplished so much !!! I am so proud of our team - everyone working together - helping one another! It is a wonderful opportunity to build friendships and show our love to those who need us - those we are fundraising for - our family, our friends, and our extended global family. of Second Life.

We started Paint SL Purkle (Purple) a little early this year and shall continue as long as I am Captain - we started on Shady Fox's rezz day Feb 24!    Shady was a stong supporter of Relay For Life- always working with Racer's Giant Snail Team.   I saw many great displays of purkleness everywhere - Shady would have loved it !

Cassie and I both participated in the Home and Garden mega.   She sold three houses and three sets of stables.   It was an awesome mega event with a new team and they did an exemplary job !   I also sold four horses - two of them went for 30K at auction !! WOOT!!

Kelani Pinelli and Jennylynn Capalini have worked so hard to get ready for Fashion For Life - stop by - their shops are fantastic.   On top of all that work, both designed all the shirts for PSP and Relay!!!   Such an awe inspiring task !

We had kickoff - a fantastic venue built by Grace Louden !!   So lovely !!   Some met there and some were at Ms. Eili's place in Skybeam !   I mean if we ALL show up - goodness - transcripts and audio files are in notices !   Our fantastic supporter Ichie Kamachi sang live for relay !!! She wound up the night !    THE VOICE!!! WOOOT!

Our team number is 53, and a very lovely prime.

If you wish to contribute with credit - you may join our convio team - (at the top of the donation page, use SL info - for billing, the need the correct info but it is not recorded on the site). There are awards for monetary donations here where they will add to our total.

This season's theme is Once Upon a Cure.

We have some new and exciting things planned for this year. We have a new venue supporting our team - Theater on the Hill.   We have a box seat. compliments of Cassie and me for everyone working so hard.  . You do not need to be on the team to attend - they have fantastic shows!   Please let Zane Liittlething or me know if you plan to attend - the box is blocked off otherwise.

Then we will have our steamland events - and our first will be the Time Traveler's Ball in Winterfell - on March 12th from 1-3pm SLT with Otenth  Paderborn.

Thank you so very much for supporting our team  - the primary thing that I am asking of our community is to attend events.  Our builders, dj, designers, and event coordinators  go to a lot of work to get an event ready.   Your attendance is priceless.

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