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19 February 2014

Captain's Report February 19, 1014

Great to see so many folks returning to our team and we are getting very excited about a successful year for RFL of SL We love being reunited with our tiny friends and we are looking forward to having a lot of fun, big smiles, and doing some pawsome things together.

Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps (ACTS) has already been very busy. There is still time for anyone who wishes to help or work on a project. We will begin the fun and excitement on March 7th. Kickoff Ceremony will be at Noon on March 8th.

Our first two events are scheduled- The first is the Time Traveler's Ball on March 15th at Noon with Otenth Paderborn DJing us on our journey in our new Time Ship designed by Cassie. The second event will be the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters on March 23rd at Noon!! Still working on Entertainment for this.

We are busy painting the grid purple. Our convio is doing great and we are already at BRONZE!! Fantastic!!!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Captain's meeting on Sunday at Noon SLT!!!

Gooo Relay!!!


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