15 January 2022

Time for Another Season

 It is 2022 already, which means it is almost time for another Relay Season.

This is the 12th Season for Team ACTS. The Team will be officially registered in the next days and we will let you know on this pages, in discord and in in the online group.

Our team kickoff, the classic Time Traveler's Ball will be on the 20th of February, the day after the official season's kick-off. The Ball will be at 12pm SLT, immediately following a special edition of our teammates Panza and Bain's monthly brunch.

Happy Relay Seson to All!

26 March 2021

 Message from Chuck Clip


Hello friends, family, patrons and all who reside in SL.

I recently acquired a piece by Sharni Azalee which I am dedicating as a memorial in SL. Whether you have lost someone recently or years ago, to cancer, heart attack, illness, hilariously ironic accident, or any other reason, and wish them to be memorialized, simply submit their name to me (Chuck Clip) via a notecard placed in the drop box just outside the memorial.


I will place a candle with that name in hover text above the candle. You may submit their whole name, first name only, avatar name, or your personal nickname for them. There is no fee, no requirements other than telling me what name you wish to be displayed. All candles are placed as I see fit, and specific placement cannot be requested at this time. That said, I AM doing my best to keep names submitted from a single person together.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Please feel free to share this with others.

Yours forever in art,
Chuck Clip

25 March 2021

 Dear Teammembers and friends,

I have sadly to share a message from our Team-Buddies Wolfie and Teal. 

Dear Friends,  
I have been rather quiet through the holidays and the winter. I have had some increasingly annoying health problems that took up a lot of energy. I was sent for a lot of tests in January and February and consultations this month.
I am afraid I have to share some unhappy news. I have been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, metastasized, and spread to the liver and messing a bit with some other parts. In other words, its a mess in there. It is too far advanced for a cure, but they will treat me to slow it, perhaps stop it for bits, and help me keep comfortable for as long as I can. There is no doom's day prognosis - everyone is different. I begin chemo treatments Thursday. They have already given me some things that have helped greatly with my comfort level. For these alone I am very grateful.
The team here is very good. The cancer center here is the 2nd best in the nation after London of course. I have met them and they are professional and compassionate.
Needless to say this has been a shock for Wolfie and me.... not exactly in the plan 🙂 And it's not every day that you get told you have been bumped up the line for the curtain call. I am actually finding it somewhat interesting, in a spiritual way, thinking about things in a new way in light of this. (Don't recommend it till its time tho 🙂
We are doing pretty well with it all, emotionally and spiritually. Of course there are hard times too. Hardest for me is knowing I am bringing Wolfie and people I care about pain with this knowledge. But I would want to know if it was my friend. with this.
We try to focus on the good things and planning a few trips around. After my first three weeks, we will go over to the beautiful lake district in Western England and chill in the beauty of spring. We are now seeing spring lambs leaping about on our country drives. It helps that we are finally easing out of a 3 month national lockdown and can do some things again.
It all takes a bit of dealing with, which will continue I am sure as things change. So big reality shift. But we are most grateful for being together at last, even with this.
Hope you and your loved ones are doing ok - keep covid safe - and love one another. Grateful for you all -


Not only from me, but from everyone who knows and loves you, all the best wishes on earth for you both.

20 March 2021

The ACTs team Relay for Bat is a celebration of a journey thru Cancer and the completion of chemotherapy for our friend and amazingly talented musician Bat Masters.  
So in this Relay event for Relay for Life Team AetherChrononauts (ACTS), we will celebrate living.. and remember all who have been effected by Cancer and cherish them.

EVENT DATE:  Sunday March 21st from 11am to 5pm we will be celebrating life, love, and healing thru music art.

11:05 Winston Ackland
11:35  Gina Stella
12:05  Edward Lowell and Mr. Multiwriter
12:35  Hojo Warf
105 to 205  Maximilion Kleene
205     Jack Dryden
2:35    (ugly) Bill)
3:05    Twostep Spirit Weaver and Beth Odets
3:35    Lyndon Heart and Grace McDunnough
4:05    Vinnie (The Vinnie Show

Art Auction bids to the silent auction board by each piece of donated art - note for the highest bidder for some pieces, the bidder will need to contact the artist directly to obtain the donated piece.

Artist and works list:
Paintings and Photography:

Angel of Fortune - Mandala  by Sheba Blitz

Woven Sunburst (inspired by the music of Beth Odets)
by Solana Python

Rainbow on Fire - by Solana Python


On the Air - 1 of 10 limited edition by Callipygian Christensen

Escape - by Bisou Dexter (anc)

How the Sun Loved the Moon - by Ana Yanwu

Fennikkusu - From my Ashes i am Reborn by Ichiro Kojishi

Carissa Triellis -

Lonesome but Not Cowboy - by Ray Chantilly

Cherry Tree by Screech Huntsman

untitled by Carissa Triellis


Ampersand - by Bryn Oh.. contact the artist and the piece will be delivered by her to the highest bidder

Mouse with Trumpet by Cica Ghost

Barely Contained - by Glyph Graves

ShuMo Mountainscape by Fiona Fei

Angel of Music - symphony of the wind by Gwen Von Aurora
* note:  this is one piece of a series.. and the series will be delivered to the highest bidder by the artist

The Dancers by Lucas Lameth
The Muses by Lucas Lameth

untitled  by Phenix Rexen

Horizon Dream Imagine Fountain by Sharni Azalee  
winning bidder please contact the artist directly to receive this piece)


Your attendance, your support, your love are greatly appreciated

with much gratitude,
Taiko Silversmith, Event Host, ACTS team member, Angel's Rest Curator and Musician))




It is the big time of the year, some call it vacation time, combine fun with an important matter, others call it the most important time of the year. Myself, I call it the time people show the good that is inside everyone of us. 

 I´m talking about the Home & Garden Expo,  


One of the many Events for Relay for Life but for sure not one of the small ones. 

There for, I got some support, welcome with me, Cassie Eldemar. 

Cassie had to face many of my questions and I can say she did quite well, not a single drip of sweat on your forehead, even when I tried to smile diabolic. 

Our dear Cassie is not unfamiliar with Cancer since she is 9 years old. Her good hearted Grandmother passed 1962 away from cancer, her grandfather later while she was in college. I enjoyed to listen what she had to tell about her grandparents and I believe both of them were amazing people who had only love and compassion in their hearts, so we know from where Cassie come. 

A part of this love Cassie invested in Building in SL. Back than with prims like oldschool user used to create things, she found at one point the script for turning prim constructions into mesh and from there on Little Big Design knew only one way, up. 

Dollhouses are her thing and she doesn´t need to shy away from other Designers. While in construction a Dollhouse take easily 3.000 Prims, as mesh it´s only 10Li. That allow an amazing level of details that shows as well in the expo exclusive Lightower that have 3 different hidden openings. 

And for 500 LD you get an amazing piece of decoration for your home. The best part of it is, the money goes straight to our cause. 

While you will find many styles in her store, you will see a victorian pattern she is very familiar with, I would bet my money on it, that it´s through her grandparents.

You can find her store on SLM here:     https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/237407

Of course that is not all her doing for collecting donations. Her husband our mighty Olde, who is often busy with the general entertaiment side of things, get always her both helping hands, and if it´s only to make sure he do not dehydrate the many hours in front of the computer.

Last but not least, I asked Cassie how she would describe the Expo and here is her answer:

"the Home & Garden Expo is like the RL home & gardens events where you can see the newest and best things, only the one in SL is so much more fun!
When I was little, just the word Cancer was more whispered because there was so little that we knew or knew how to do. But today, there is so much that can be done....the treatments are amazing and the research is leading us to more and better ways of beating cancer."

Thank you for your time Cassie, let´s keep rocking against Cancer.

14 March 2021

 Do I really need to introduce this? Our Time Traveler´s Ball is coming! 

 I admit, it is new for me but I do know it have been a Tradition for 12 years already, so get your best dresses and suits out. 

 Sunday the 21th of March (shameless stolen from Wild = Happy Spring!) starting at 10am SLT. 

Nobody less Oteneth Padeborn will provide the Music for our Ball. 

 Look myself forward to see you all!